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Bellevue Multispeciality Hospital

Intensive Care Unit (Medical/Surgical)

The spacious Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides for 11 modern fully maneuverable intensive beds. The ICU at BelleVue Multispecialty Hospital maintains an average patient bed utilization of over 70% throughout the year.

   Each ICU patient is provided a 100 square foot space which allows comfortable area for all the intensive care procedures to be carried out. Each patient bed is supported with Central air, Oxygen supply and bedside suction facility. Individualized modern multi-parameter view and record console is available for each ICU patient and is connected to the Central Observation Monitor System.

 Intensive Care trained and certified Resident Doctors and experienced Nursing Staff are available 24 hours x 7 days a week, along with Consultant Intensivist availability. The ICU also supports Haemoperfusion Therapy, limited dialysis and emergency assisted Respiration by Non Interventional (Binasal – Positive Airway Pressure nasal prongs and mask systems) and Interventional methods (tracheal intubation and connection to any of 3 ‘state of the art’ artificial ventilator machines) is available. All diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring procedures like inserting Central Venous Lines, arterial lines and arterial blood gas study, therapeutic infusion pumps, Paracentasis of various body spaces and Temporary Cardiac Pacing are carried out in the ICU / ICCU.

 Advanced Cardiac Life Support by Intra Aortic Balloon Pump procedures are carried out by the Interventional Cardiology Team and monitored / managed in the ICCU. The ICCU supports all pre and post Interventional Cardiology procedures that are carried out at the in-house Catheterization Laboratory.

Operation Theatre Complex

Our Hi-tech Laminar-Flow-Operation-Theatres with state-of-the-art equipment serve both inpatient and (outpatient) day-care surgeries.

The range of surgical procedures provided at our Operation Theatre Complex include:

diagnostic procedures including

Operation Theatre Complex

Radiology Department

The Medical Imaging Department is staffed by technologists working under the supervision of competent and experienced  Radiologists.

Medical Imaging performs extensive general radiological examinations, including:

Full Body Ultrasound

Radiology Department

Dialysis Department

Dialysis Department is designed to provide constant patient observation and timely intervention to prevent complications during Dialysis.

Our Dialysis machines with Reverse Osmosis Plant assure better quality of service to the patient.

Emergent Dialysis in ICU is available

Pathology Services

BelleVue’s well equipped Pathology Laboratory is managed 24×7 by highly qualified and experienced Pathologists and technicians.